The Heart and Science behind Interactive Caregiving®

Study after study shows that active and mentally stimulated seniors enjoy a better quality of life and physical wellbeing. Transforming daily activities into interactive activities helps keep people strong, improve health and outlook on life, and reduce the risk for injury, depression, and symptoms of dementia.

Interactive Caregiving®

Our distinctive approach to in-home care — is at the very heart of Comfort Keepers®

Our dedicated caregivers, the special people we call Comfort Keepers®, transform day-to-day caregiving into opportunities for meaningful conversation and activities that engage and enrich the lives of seniors physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

This practice of Interactive Caregiving can contribute to longer, healthier, more purposeful lives for seniors—a fact proven by many research studies that point to the health benefits of active living in later life.

For maximum effectiveness, Comfort Keepers tailor Interactive Caregiving to the personality and unique interests and abilities of each senior client.

Interactive Caregiving may, for example, include walks in the neighbourhood or dancing to music; working together on household chores; discussing current events or personal interests; reminiscing while viewing photo albums; working on hobbies, puzzles or crafts; and going shopping group activities. To find out more, kindly visit:

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Other Care Services

Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

Many Alzheimer’s patients can safely stay in their own home for a period of time, and that’s where Comfort Keepers can provide care assistance. Many Comfort Keepers have been formally trained in how to provide in-home care for Alzheimer’s patients.

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Daily Care Services

Comfort Keepers provide in-home companionship, housework and personal care services. For details please check with the location where care is to be provided to determine how our services can fit your needs.

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